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The publishing industry is a cultural activity, based on the selection and care of the content created by artists, scientists, philosophers, to bring them transformed into physical object (the book of course, but also the article, essay, review), up to the end user: the reader.

The publisher is the author of the transformation of writing into something widely accessible. This creative and cultural function allows the public to enjoy filtered content avoid subjecting it to an indiscriminate mass of material (the so-called editorial control).

In Italian, the term has a different meaning than the English word “editor”, which means “curator”.

It is a term that encompasses a wide range of activities, from professional printing to local newspaper; the opening article of these publications is called “letter of the curator” (letter from the editor). In the editorial work is involved a chain of professionals from various disciplines.

In this section, see also:

  • MAGAZINES: specialized publishing products and designed for a specific audience. To make a successful magazine is essential to understand the target audience that differs by sex, age and lifestyle. Graphic design, then, from the layout to the choice of colors, will take into account these elements to create a product that is instantly recognizable and appreciated by their readers.

  • CATALOGS: essential communication tool for any company; it present the range of products or services, in a complete way. The catalog is the means by which the client approaches you with your proposals, evaluates and chooses them. Our experience will pack for you an excellent catalog, which will raise the quality of your corporate image by opening the door to new revenue opportunities.


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