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Be the first places in the results of search engines is to have a huge visibility, capable of carrying thousands of hits every day and concrete results to a company.

IDEP is concerned with optimization, indexing and ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSNSearch and many others…

This is the service we offer, named Web Marketing, a set of strategies that enable your site to be better than others, without using tricks or deceptions!

The second point is to continuously update the site and it is here that comes into play MySite, an integrated system that allows you at any time, from anywhere in the world, to include new products, photos, etc…

The third step is the Link Popularity, the popularity of the site within Google, also due to the presence of sites with links directly to the user’s site.

To reach the first page there are two ways: “natural” positioning (SEO) or pay per click (SEM). SEM is the analysis and the purchase of the top positions in the search engines; you can immediately gain the first position in every country of the world and of each keyword. The service includes:

  • Analysis and selection keywords

  • Market analysis of the words national and international

  • Optimization of costs per click, conversion rates according to your business

  • Advertising millions of websites and blogs

SEO refers to a set of activities in order to improve the ranking of a web page in the natural results provided by a search engine. The service includes:

  • Competition analysis

  • Keywords’ research

  • Optimizing existing pages

  • Indexing parameters’ definition

  • Link popularity

  • Page Rank increase

  • Constant monitoring of performance

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