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The Social Network marketing, also known as Social Media Marketing, sets itself as the ultimate evolution of the web marketing, presenting itself as a form of viral marketing that leverages all of the web aggregators, turning them into a means of communication and dissemination of the advertisement. It is therefore a different way, but extremely effective, to get to the final consumer.

Social network, video broadcasting and community allow you to increase the company’s brand involving consumers in a direct relationship with it.

Planning of:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google +

  • Youtube

  • LinkedIn

  • E-bay

  • Flickr

Banner Campaign

The banner advertising on the web is perhaps the most “ancient” tool in the short history of the Internet. Its success has been determined by its flexibility in terms of content can be hosted.


A special form of banners, from very small dimensions, as to be referred to as “buttons”. A strategy that attempts to connect the brand with the information content provider (website / portal host), often times also quite long (more than 3 months).


A sort of news sent periodically to a certain number of subscribers, advertising tool that is gaining support in ascending. For an advertiser is the benefit of dealing with a selected audience. The content is usually made of plain text to allow all recipients to be able to read the message.



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