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Web Advertising

For us, web design is the planning and development of functional and accessible interfaces in a respectful graphic image that the client intends to provide of himself.

The most important step of creating a website is the promotion and placement in search engines; polished graphics, rational navigation, usable and accessible content, a fast server response are nothing if there are no visitors.

The most popular communications media are:

Google Marketing
Banner campaign
Social Network Marketing

 Our agency is also able to carry out the redesign of existing sites and transferring domains Internet to our server.

IDEP’s solution that allows you to manage and to update yourself all the website’s contents or any other E-Business’ platform (Extranet, Intranet, E-Commerce).

Opening a section of e-commerce on your website, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your products to anyone, wherever it is.

Being first in the results of search engines mean to have a huge visibility that brings thousands of visitors each day and concrete results for the company.

The sites created with this technique allow a graphic impact particularly pleasant, the integration of animation and music, and are particularly recommended for those sites that are promoters of image, style and fashion.


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