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What do you do?
Our scope is business communication. A paradox? No, just walk into any company and ask who it is that is in charge of corporate communication: first, no one knows, and then jump out of the disparate figures.

But in particular, what do you do?

The main aspect is that we take care of the corporate image. When it comes to picture you would think to a showcase where glitters what is seen in the foreground and behind chaos reigns (or anything). But the company’s image except that everything has to be a window dressing. You must bring to the fore identity, potential, style company, but a true and realistic.

  1. How do you make your corporate image? First of all, with the help of a graphic design studio. We see the elements that combine to form the corporate image of a company:

  • Brand and logo;

  • Printed business: from business cards to letterheads, to brochures, catalogs;

  • Packaging: the packaging of the product but also the study of the shape of the product;

  • Environment: signs, windows, furniture, exhibitors;

In recent years, it has added web design, and therefore the whole world that runs on the Internet.

How much is a website?
It is almost impossible to estimate the cost of any of our services. This is because we don’t offer standard solutions good for everything and everyone; each project was created and developed “in the image and likeness” of our client, according to the needs and available resources. Answering this question without any information on the project to be undertaken and the objectives to be pursued is usually impossible.

What are the advantages of creating a website?
The main purpose is the promotion of the company. To better promote a site on the Internet is essential to design a site optimized to achieve the proper indexing of all content in the archives of the search engines. To achieve visibility for certain keywords, then, you need a positioning campaign that aims to bring the website in the first pages of the results proposed by the engine to the research done with your chosen keywords.

What is positioning? What does it mean ranking on the search engines?
With “a site’s ranking” means a series of complex activities to achieve a position of advantage between the results proposed by the engine as a result of a research carried out with a particular keyword.

Why rely on a communications agency?
The company’s brand, as well as its advertising and its way of dealing with the outside are, nowadays, fundamental.